‘May-be food for the poor’

by Mia Oehlmann

FareShare van adjusted

27 April 2015

THE annual campaign to feed Melbourne’s poor kicks off in May with charitable events such as Shout-Lunch-Day and Host-a-Feed-Melbourne-Feast.

Food charity FareShare, the Leader Newspapers and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation run the Feed Melbourne Appeal annually to reduce the 700,000 tonnes of food driven to Victorian landfills each year.

Fareshare spokesperson Ben Hart said they are hoping for more engagement with people in their homes with the new Host-a-Feed-Melbourne-Feast dinner.

“We’ve had a really good response to Shout-a-lunch in the offices in the past and now we want to take it into people’s homes,” he said.

“The idea is to encourage people to waste less food by only using what is already in their pantry to host the dinner,” Mr Hart said.

This year’s Host-a-Feed-Melbourne-Feast participant Fran Scott said everyone is guilty of wasting food and there is no excuse for it.

“Hosting the feast is a great way to clear out the pantry making sure it doesn’t have time to go out of date and to waste,” she said.

“Maybe we should do this every few months and not just once a year,” Ms Scott said.

ThFareShare walle appeal has to date achieved 158,118 meals cooked, 77.6 tonnes of food rescued and 357 charities

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